TRF- British Forces Brunei - Pack of 5
Pack 5 TRF - British Forces Brunei Green Shield Black outline
TRF - British Gurkha Nepal Flash - Pack of 5
Pack 5 60 x 60mm Olive/Scarlet Background White Kukri  
Rank Crowns - 5/8 - Black - Screw Fitting
Rank Crowns - 5/8 - Black - Screw Fitting
Mechanix Specialty Grip Black/Grey Glove
Work smarter not harder with our Specialty Grip gloves. We constructed the palm with anti-slip Armortex to increase friction and enhance your grip. Textured Armortex displaces liquids to reduce slippage and maintain grip with less strenuous effort. The Specialty Grip...
Surefire HL1-B-TN 5-LED Helmet Light
This compact, multiple-output Helmet Light features three white LEDs, two infrared LEDs, and one blinking infrared LED that serves as a personal Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) beacon. The white primary LEDs are perfect for general-purpose, close-work illumination; the infrared...
Softie Sasquatch Jacket Olive
If your next expedition is more demanding in temperature, you’ll need warm, reliable protection from the penetrating cold and bitter, chill winds. One of the warmest of all insulated clothing is the Sasquatch jacket which will keep you warm and...
Veterans Iraq Lapel Pin
Quality cast and enamelled lapel pin badge. Veterans Lapel Pin (Iraq). Quality cast and enamelled lapel pin badge.
Veterans Afghanistan Lapel Pin
Veterans Afghanistan Lapel Pin. Quality die cast and enamelled lapel pin badge. Veterans quality die cast and enamelled lapel pin badge.
Tasmanian Tiger TT Warrior Belt MK III MC Multicam
  The new Warrior Belt MKIII equipment belt by Tasmanian Tiger comes with an opimized carrying system. This optimised, narrow cut makes kneeling or seated operations easier. The carrying system has a chest strap and back attachment an three MOLLE...
Mechanix Wear Fastfit Woodland Camo
The Woodland FastFit® tactical glove is designed to protect and conceal military and special forces in mountainous regions with varying vegetation. The FastFit glove is constructed with an elastic cuff to provide a secure fit at the wrist with easy...
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Oxford Shoe – Black Leather
Plain smooth leather Oxford Shoe. Available in Black Plain black smooth leather, leather lined, Goodyear welted leather sole, with leather heel and anti slip rubber top piece. Complete with shoe horn and spare laces. What is a Goodyear Welted Sole?...
Kiwi Parade Gloss - Black
Latest generation polish from Kiwi, and the first choice polish for shoes, Sam Brownes belts and sporrons. Size: 50ml
Kit Monster Holdall 120 Litre
The Kit Monster is a versatile holdall that doubles up as a rucksack. A variety of handles and loops allow the bag to be carried as a holdall, over the shoulder or as a rucksack. Compression straps allow excess volume...
British Army Soldier, Post Patrol Debrief, Afghanistan Era
12" scale cold cast bronze resin sculpture of a "Debrief" soldier where he has just returned from patrol and taken his helmet off. He is dressed in Osprey body armour and is equipped with an SA80 rifle fitted with SUSAT...
Keela Micro Pulse Fleece - Tan 499
A close fitting micro-fleece that provides the perfect insulated layer during cold weather. Worn either next to the skin or as a mid-layer, the Pulse microfleece is high wicking and feature ½ zip collar for enhanced ventilation. A new colour-way...
Trouser Twist - Olive - Pack of 5
Sizes: One size fits all Sold in pack of 5
Ultralite Shelter Peg Set
Everything that you need to set up your basha in the wild.   Everything that you need to set up yuor basha in the wild. Specification 6 x Aluminum Pegs 10m of 3mm Paracord
Modula Waterbottle Pouch - VCAM
The Modular Water Bottle Pouch is designed to allow it to be added to most modular MOLLE platforms. Vertical & horizontal mounting webbing Quick release buckle with elasticated retention webbing
Thermal Headover
Can be worn as a hat or scarf. Thinsulate thermal headover can be worn as a hat, scarf or it can be worn to keep both your neck and head warm at the same time.
Small Boot Brush
Wooden Head Nylon Bristles 12.5cm x 4cm x 3cm
Softie 10 Sleeping bag
The Softie 10 is for those of us that prefer more leisurely pursuits, but still need a performance sleeping bag, this is perfect for prolonged use in cold, wintry conditions down to -12°c. The Softie 10 Harrier is an unofficial...
Shemagh Scarf
The Shemagh scarf provides protection from the sun, sand and wind. The Shemagh scarf provides protection from the sun, sand and wind. It can double up as a sweat mop, dust wiper and field towel when required. They are also...
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