Altberg Leder Gloss Brown-80g


Regular use of Leder Gloss will eventually increase leather hardness due to lower levels of conditioning oils.

High Sine Altberg Wax for Parade and Barracks Use

Alt-berg Leder-Gloss is a mixture of 85% wax and 15% oil. It has been developed for parade boots and barracks use.

Note: use of Leder-Gloss may darken the leather especially in the toe area or where there are scuff or scratch marks.

Sizes of tin 40gms

Instructions for Use

Altberg only recommends Leder-Gloss

All leather will eventually show signs of cracking where the boot flexes. Treatment with Leder-Gris will slow down the rate at which this cracking will occur.

Drying boots too quickly will harden the leather and accelerate flex cracking - rapid drying may also shrink the boot and alter the fitting.

Always let boots dry naturally in a cool place.


Never dry quickly
Never dry near heat
Never dry, or leave in sunlight
Never force dry in any way
Drying boots too quickly can shrink them - if you're in a very hot climate, cover the boots with a damp cloth to slow down the rate of moisture evaporation
Use Leder-Gris Original (green label), or Leder-Gris regularly

Size of tin 80gms
Not tested on animals
Colour: Brown