Belt Sword & Slings - Black

SKU: 8440-99-666-8026


Sword Belt:

One piece webbing belt buckle and adjustment holes two sliders Long and short sword strap


Slider 1.3cm wide Total length 13cm  Formed with a 1.5cm overlap Securely riveted together, rivet positioned centrally

Short Sword Strap Attachment:

Shaped as standard pattern Total length 12cm, 6cm either side 3.5cm wide at widest point on both ends Metal loop attachment sandwiched between two ends  Ensemble then securely attached to left hand end of belt

Right End (as worn):

Right end to be reinforced with a length of leather 24cm long, securely attached to the webbing (glued and stitched) 7 pairs of eyelets to be worked through the two layers  Eyelet pairs positioned 1.5cm apart and centrally on the belt 1st pair to be positioned 3cm from the end 7th pair to be positioned 17cm from end 5 other pairs spaced equidistantly between the 1st and 7th

Left End (as worn):

One pair of eyelets worked 6.5cm from end 1.5cm apart in turn 1.5cm at webbing end One loop and buckle to be threaded onto belt end to be folded at eyelets and stitched down to hold loop and buckle in place 2nd loop to be added between here and short sword strap attachment Short sword strap attachment point to be positioned 23cm from eyelets

Slider for long Sword Strap:

Strap of leather total length 16cm tooled edging to the leather as per the pattern folded as diagram to create loop 7cm long stitched to hold strap attachment

Sword Straps (Short):

Short sword strap total length 38cm and 2.5cm wide Shaped as standard pattern two 2cm keyholes to be worked centrally in the top of 1st eye positioned 2.5cm from end top of 2nd eye positioned 6cm from 1st eye one hole to be worked in the other end positioned 7cm from end

Sword Straps (Long):

Long sword strap total length 81cm and 2.5cm wide two 2cm keyholes to be worked in the top as for short strap top of 1st eye positioned 2.5cm from end top of 2nd eye positioned 6cm from 1st eye one hole worked in the other end positioned 8.5cm from end

Sword Straps:

Buckle and swivel hook attachment strap total length 22cm shaped as standard pattern and as diagram shows keyhole worked in this end, 1,5cm from end a buckle slot 2cm long worked centrally at fold 5.5cm from stud end stud fixed through one layer at back this area securely stitched through both layers