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10 The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment (QOGLR) is one of four Gurkha regiments currently serving in The British Army. It is a Theatre Logistic Regiment, which provides formation level logistics within a theatre of operations.

Raised in Singapore in 1958 as the Gurkha Army Service Corps (Gurkha ASC), it was manned by British officers and non-commissioned officers (NCO) seconded from the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) and, initially, by Gurkha officers and soldiers who had been transferred from the Gurkha battalions.

Thereafter, Gurkha recruits have been posted-in directly on completion of their basic training. By 1962, the Gurkha ASC was fully formed and trained to take its place in The Brigade of Gurkhas’ Order of Battle and consisted of a Headquarters stationed in Malaya and four companies serving in the United Kingdom, Malaya, Singapore and Hong Kong.