Stable Belt - RGR - 75mm Strap
Worn with the black band uppermost. The buckle is fastened on the left with the straps pointing to the rear. The leather should be blackened. The straps are fastened to the left side of the body. Traditionally this was to...
Rank Stars - 5/8 - (Black) - Screw Fitting - Pairs
Rank Stars - 5/8 - (Black) - Screw Fitting - Pairs
Rank Crowns - 5/8 - Black - Screw Fitting
Rank Crowns - 5/8 - Black - Screw Fitting
RGR - Shoulder Titles - Black - Spike & Clutch - Pairs
Regulation MoD plate with a catch fitting and a mounted regimental badge.
Side Hat - Royal Gurkha Rifles Officers (RGR)
Officer Side Hat - Plain rifle green with RGR badge for No 1 Dress hat, mounted on black beehive boss 9/10 in wide at base, 2 x 22 ligne buttons at front
Stone Tie
The tie to be worn by Officers and SNCOs with No.2 and No.13 Dress is ‘FAD, Tie, Stone, No.2 Dress’. This has replaced the darker Officers’ tie. All ties (including with Mufti) should be worn using a four-inhand style (below), pulled into...
RGR SNCO's Side Hat
RGR SNCOs Side Hat is made from high quality Rifles green doeskin with black piping. 
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Rank Crowns 5/8" - Black - Spike & Clutch Fitting - Pairs
Regulation black colour Rank Crowns used for Officers' service dress. Spike and clutch fitting and sold in pairs.
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Male Officers’ Brilliant White Shirt – Black Buttons
In accordance with The Royal Gurkha Rifles Dress Guidance.    Sized in inches.
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