SHORT RGR Sword (Sword only)

SKU: 8465-99-973-6878/RGR/SHORT

RGR Officers carry the Rifles pattern sword with a plain oval surround to the cartouche on the hilt, showing the stringed bugle horn.

The blade should have the badge on inner or left side of blade, the Royal Cypher on outer or right side of blade. Personal initials/names/dates are permissible on the blank panel provided under badge or cipher

Blade: A forged steel blade which has been hardened to ca.48-52 deg HRC Rockwell, then well-tempered. It has been hand polished, and acid etched with the Rifles regimental pattern. The acid etch is so deep it can be felt with a finger nail. Dimension of the blade is ca. 825 x 6 x 25 mm.
Guard: Pierced steel guard, hand polished and nickel plated. Cap made of brass, which has been nickel plated with regimental crest.
Grip: Handle has been covered with genuine sharkskin, and wrapped with 3 silver wires.
Scabbard: A nickel plated hand polished mild steel tube with 2 attachment rings.