Sword,Ceremonial Infantry-Corps and Royal Marines-NSN 8465-99-973-6877-SHORT-Shoulder to Point 760mm

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Blade & Tang - The blade and tang shall be manufactured in one piece from carbon steel hardened and tempered to within the range of 400-500 HV. The length of the blade is 830mm.

Guard – Steel polished and nickel-plated

Backpiece -Brass casting polished and nickel-plated

Grip - Wooden core covered in fish skin. 3 strand Grip wire silver plated.

Ferrule -Mild steel polished and nickel-plated

Under nut- Mild steel Natural

Pommel nut -Brass polished and nickel-plated

Buff- Leather Brown

Dimensions –Length of blade shoulder to point 825mm. Short blade option available at 760mm.

Weight – 907g

Scabbard - Steel 1mm iron steel tube with brass mouthpiece and 2 steel
Carrying rings all nickel-plated. Brown or Black leather scabbard available for use with Sam Browne.